Project Info

Client: ProviderSoft

Services: UI Design, UX Design

Status: In Development

Wanderift Web App Signup Page


final mockup


Wanderift is a unique travel booking app, allowing travelers the ability to pay monthly and redeem tokens for travel.

The Problem

Wanderift was looking for help re-designing the UI and UX of their signup page to make things look less overwhelming for new users and increase conversions.

  • Create an easy-to-use signup screen
  • Prevent overwhelm to increase conversion rates
  • Ensure the design is motivating to the user
  • Clearly mark required fields

The Process & Solution

I designed a mockup of the signup screen UI using Figma, making sure to follow the company’s existing color scheme and branding. To that end, I went with the company’s blue tones and found isotopic illustrations to match the existing style.

Once the initial mockup was finished (completed within 24 hours), I shared the Figma file with the Wanderift CEO, Zach, to review. Once he signed off on the design, the design file was handed over to the Wanderift development team, and it went live shortly thereafter.