FormAssembly theme builder


FormAssembly is an enterprise SaaS company serving customers like Amazon and PayPal. In January of 2019, they trusted me in creating a new theme for their official theme library using CSS. The theme library is part of the form builder, which is comprised of form layouts which can be customized by thousands of customers worldwide.

Design, UI, UX, CSS, Front-End Development

process & solution

I began by reviewing FormAssembly’s existing themes and familiarizing myself with the style guidelines. The company had an established framework which I worked within. It was also important that this new theme was accessible and passed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

After that, I came up with two concepts and coded up a live preview using SCSS.

Throughout the process of creating this theme, I collaborated with and reported to Deborah (FormAssembly’s Product Director), as well as Cedric (FormAssembly’s CEO).

Once we decided on the theme we liked best, I went through one round of small revisions to make customization easy for FormAssembly customers. After that, I used Git to submit the code to Cedric for final review before going to the staging server.

I enjoyed this project, and was happy to work with FormAssembly again by offering their customers a brand new theme for the form builder.