Project Info

Project: UI Kit

Services: UI Design, UX Design

Status: For Sale on UI8

Material Design UI Kit for Figma


final mockup


This is a comprehensive UI kit that uses Material Design guidelines. I planned and led this project to market, and the product is now available on the design marketplace UI8.

The Problem

Since Figma is a great up-and-coming design tool that continues to gain traction, I thought it would be great to create a UI kit based off of Google's Material Design guidelines. Prior to this kit, there weren't many options on the market that were made for Figma — most of them were only compatible with Sketch. While Figma accepts Sketch file imports, it can sometimes be messy. It was time for a kit that was made from the ground up for Figma users.

  • Must meet the official Material Design guidelines
  • Should contain templates
  • Full component library
  • Clean, modern look
  • Should be easy to understand for both designers and project managers

The Process & Solution

I led this project, teaming up with one other designer to finish the project in a timely manner.

First, I mapped out all of the specs: what components were needed for the design library, how everything would be organized, and the template specs. The information was relayed through Slack.

After that, I used Trello to post each task that needed to be done, splitting the tasks between the other designer and myself. Each task had a detailed breakdown of what needed to be accomplished.

We have released two versions of the kit so far. The first version contained just 10 dashboard templates, with the main focus being the drag-and-drop component library -- however, sales weren't great.

For the second version, I went back to the drawing board. It occurred to me that the templates weren't a huge focus, and that this was an area of the kit that could be built out. I decided to aim for 30 templates in total for the second version, as these templates would help users give inspiration to users to get started with the kit.

Since many more templates were to be added, I came up with themes for the new template (for example, we added e-commerce pages as well as more dashboard pages).


Once the new version was released, we saw an uptick in sales immediately.

We are thrilled to be saving Figma users so much time when creating Material Design layouts!