Project Info

Company: HR Partner

Services: UI Design

HR Partner Homepage Design


final mockup


HR Partner is a cloud HR management tool, used primary by HR managers and their employees.

As a co-founder at HR Partner, I knew it was time for a layout refresh when we started aiming for more enterprise clients.

The Problem

To add more medium and large sized companies to our customer roster, I knew that we needed a professional layout that would attract larger clients and contracts.

The look needed to humanize our software by adding photos of people doing their best work. Since the prior layout had no photographs of real humans, this would help give the website pages a more human touch.

On top of that, it was important to use enterprise language while encouraging visitors to book demos.

  • Gain interest of high-tier clients
  • Humanize the website
  • Introduce new language
  • Generate more signups


The new layout change gave the website a professional feel, while generating additional user signups. This was the start of a new brand, identity, and business direction.